1. iPhone 4 Launch Day!

    Yahoo! It’s finally here! Today, June 24th, is the official launch day of the iPhone 4! Here of some of it’s cool features:


    • Made of custom glass and steel, 24% thinner than the current iPhone
    • Front facing camera, micro-sim tray, camera with LED flash on back
    • Integrated antennas built into the structure of the iPhone — One side is Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, other is UMTS and GSM
    • New Retina Display increases pixel density 4x, has 78% of the pixels of an iPad
    • iPhone OS 4 powered by Apple A4 chipz
    • Battery life: 40% more talk time — 7 hours talk, 6 hours 3g browsing, 10 hours wifi browsing, 10 hours of video, 40 hours of music and 300 hours of standby.
    • 32gb of storage
    • Gyroscope to enhance gaming! Ted the gyro, accelerometer, and GPS for 6-axis motion sensing.
    • Updated camera! 5 megapixel, backside illuminated sensor, 5x digital zoom built in to camera app with tap to focus LED flash.
    • HD video! 720p at 30fps with built-in video editing. LED flash can stay on while recording.

    Are you getting one? I don’t think I’m ready. I think I will get one when it’s like…iPhone 7. By then it will probably be able to make you fly.

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